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Finding the right pressure washer accessories for the cleaning you have to perform, is absolutely essential.  Using the wrong nozzle or tip on your pressure washer, could create undesirable results, like damage from too much pressure, or ineffective cleaning from too little water pressure.

There are a variety of different pressure washer parts to choose from, and each will perform a job slightly differently from one another.  Although, beyond tips and nozzles, probably the most important pressure washer accessories are the safety items you’ll be using.

Before you even begin using any pressure washer equipment, there are a few safety precautions you should take.  One of the most important pressure washer accessories, are safety goggles.  Safety goggles or glasses are essential for any project, to protect your eyes from stray water or dirt that’s kicked up from the unit’s extreme pressure.

Another power washer accessory that you will require, are safety gloves.  These will protect your hands from being damaged by the water’s high pressure, if you accidentally come into contact with the stream.  Also, safety gloves will protect your hands from any debris that shoots back at you, caused by the extreme pressure of the water, during cleaning.

Both safety glasses and gloves can be purchased at any hardware store.  Make sure that the glasses are sturdy, and can withstand a high impact without any problems.  For a high quality pair of safety goggles you can expect to pay $10-$15 on average, that will guarantee you quality.  With safety gloves, you want to ensure that the gloves are thick and sturdy, but also resistant to water.  Typically a strong rubber is most useful, and will keep your hands dry as well as safe.  A good pair of gloves will typically cost you $7-$10.

In terms of pressure washer accessories for controlling the flow of the water, there are a variety to choose from, the effectiveness of each depends upon the task you’ll be performing.

For cleaning surfaces like a car or boat, a rotating brush is usually your best choice.  This will limit the water stream so that the water won’t spray with enough intensity to damage the surface of your vehicle.  The rotating brush is also useful for scrubbing away any dirt, or grit that has built up during use.  A rotating brush will cost anywhere from $30-$40 and can be purchased at almost any local hardware store.

For big jobs like driveways, or decks and patios, a water broom attachment for your pressure washer is probably your best choice.  A water broom is just like a normal broom, except that water is sprayed through the bristles allowing for easier cleaning of dirt and grime buildup.

These are ideal for cleaning large outdoor surfaces, as quickly and effective as possible.  A good water broom attachment will cost you anywhere from $40-$50 and can be purchased from a hardware store, but better models can be found at online retailers like  Usually these are of a higher quality, and can be much cheaper than any pressure washer accessories found locally.

For cleaning a large surface like the side of your house, or garage, a garden hose type nozzle is best.  But take special care around windows, as the extreme water pressure could damage windows.  Pressure washer accessories like nozzles will typically cost around $20, and can be purchased right from your local hardware store.

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