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These Mosmatic Duct Cleaners are great for cleaning Ducts, Trash-Chutes, Vents, Restaurant Hoods, Tanks and more. The typical restaurant duct is 8″ to 10″ in width. The general rule we follow is choose a duct cleaner that is 65-75% of the width you are cleaning. The 6″ adjustable nozzle model is the most popular and universal of our full line of 3″, 6″, 12″, 16″, 20″ & 24″ Duct Cleaners. Each duct cleaner is only 2.8 inches high (excluding the 3″ Duct Cleaner which is 2.4″ high).All of our Adjustable Duct Cleaners are available for purchase online with the option to make them fixed (typically saves you $30+), add 3rd nozzle and the ability to add the optional lifting hook at a discounted price. We encourge you to read the rest of the page to get a full understanding on how these great Duct Cleaners work! If you just need pricing you can click one of the links below:

So how do they work? First, the duct cleaners are sold standard WITHOUT the two meg nozzles that will thread into the adjustable arms. We can also supply you with these nozzles but we will need the gallons per minute (GPM) and the pressure (PSI) of your pressure washer to size the CORRECT nozzles for your duct cleaner. Otherwise you will have too little flow and/or pressure.So, once you have the correct nozzles in your duct cleaner, you just attach it to the end of your pressure washer hose and drop\ it into the duct to be cleaned. Its that easy! Can you image people still stick their pressure washer wands into the ducts wasting their time and NOT getting the duct cleaned to an optimal level?The swivel inside spins horizontally. The adjustable nozzles allow you to position the spray pattern so you actually pass the area twice! Also, think of it this way… if you are removing gum from a sidewalk do you aim the water directly on top or do you tilt it at an ANGLE the help lift the gum off the surface? That’s why you NEED this adjustable model to lift the grease and gunk off the sides of the duct being cleaned!

Here is the technical information: All of the Mosmatic Duct Cleaners are made of corrosion-resistant materials and stainless steel self lubricated bearings. They have new and improved carbide swivels that offer the highest quality Swiss made craftsmanship. (really its all about heat resistance- they were using ceramic seals but they overheated and cracked on occasion – the carbide seals are a great improvement!) All Duct Cleaners come with 3/8″ NPTF water inlet.
(easily attaches to your standard pressure washer hose). The Maximum Temperature is 250° F, Maximum Pressure is 4000 psi and the maximum rpm’s of the duct cleaner is 2000 rpm.

Mosmatic Duct Cleaner Drawing
The following are ACTUAL photos taken by us of the 6″ adjustable duct cleaner with two nozzles (part no. MOWA-81.526) from the top and bottom:

Mosmatic 6″ Adjustable Duct Cleaner Video

6" Mosmatic Duct Cleaner from the top

View of the 6″ Mosmatic Duct Cleaner from the top

6" Mosmatic Duct Cleaner from the bottom

One last area to cover with you, accessories. There are a few enhancements we suggest that will save you a lot of time. The first is the lifting hook (part no. MOWA-81.905). It is for pulling your Duct Cleaner through long stretches of duct work and it quickly attaches to existing cage (secured by pin). Here is some inside information: Now, the other good thing about having the lifting hook is you can tie a piece of string about 12-24″ long to the lifting hook. What this will do is cause the duct cleaner to “center” itself when you drop it down into the duct. Instead of it bouncing around off the sides the swing motion is actually dampened by the centering action of the string.

Mosmatic Duct Cleaner Lifting Hook

An actual photo of the lifting hook attached to a 6″ adjustable duct cleaner:

6" adjustable duct cleaner with lifting hook

The other ‘upgrade’ you may want to consider is the 6″ adjustable duct cleaner with a THREE nozzle setup. This setup has a 3rd port that will shoot the water straight down. This can be VERY HELPFUL when cleaning tanks because you can also clean the bottom of the tank at the same time you clean the sides. The option to add the 3rd nozzle is present on each Duct Cleaner. Even if you dont think you will need the third nozzle you can just have us plug it for you. Is always better to have to option.

And finally we come to the meg nozzles. In order to supply you with the 1/8″ meg nozzles for your duct cleaner you will need to know the GPM & PSI of your pressure washer pump. Here is a chart to help you determine what nozzle sizes you will need. Basically you will use the chart like this:Your GPM = 3, Your PSI = 4,000. So your nozzle would be a size 3. You then divide this nozzle size in half and round up to the next number. In this case you would
need two size 2 meg nozzles.
Nozzle Chart

Here are the three most popular meg nozzles for our duct cleaners:

SSWN-01008, size 2 S.S. 1/8" 25° meg nozzle

Part No. SSWN-01008, size 2 S.S. 1/8″ 25° meg nozzle

Part No. SSWN-01016, size 3 S.S. 1/8″ 25° meg nozzle

Part No. SSWN-01028, size 4 S.S. 1/8″ 25° meg nozzle

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