Feb 24 2017

5 Compelling Reasons to Keep Your Rides Clean

5 Compelling Reasons to Keep Your Rides Clean  

By: Jess Walter

The AstraSteam

The AstraSteam


There are many reasons why you should keep your car clean, from improving its aesthetic value to the prevention of rust and corrosion. Yet statistics indicate that a surprising 52% of car owners in the US wash their cars less than once a month and a shocking 15% of Americans never wash their rides at all according to the International Carwash Association (ICA).

Over in the UK, the scenario is not much different with 75% of women and 33% of men revealing that they have never hand-washed their cars preferring to use machines and car washers according to the OSV research. Those who washed their car by hand did not do it regularly either, or a miniscule 12%. Here are important reasons why you should keep your rides sparkling.


Dirty Cars Cost the Economy

The ICA study states that because cars are not being kept as clean as they should be, more money or $24 billion a year is spent on fighting car damages caused by corrosion. Moreover, fuel efficiency is compromised due to dirty cars. Keeping cars clean improves aerodynamics which in turn, increases fuel efficiency by 7% according to Engineer Tom Wagner Jr.


Your Health is at Risk

A lot of car owners live in their cars eating, drinking and even occasionally sleeping inside. Imagine garbage that is circulating inside. In fact, the ICA estimates that roughly 37 million cars stink because of trash that is thrown inside.


Protect your Investment

For many, a car is a large investment, secondary only to putting money down on a home. If you don’t keep your car clean and free from dirt and grime, you are likely to lose it to rust and corrosion requiring you to repaint or fixed damaged parts. It’s not a big deal to clean a car with the variety of available equipment on the market these days. For example, the Astrasteam Machine can get your car shining in no time.



Improves Image and Says Something About You

Your car says something about your personality. A car which is clean is attractive compared to a ride which is dirty. Keeping a car clean is a no brainer. If you can’t put a little effort into cleaning up and tidying your car, others will see it that way – that you lack neatness or cleanliness and cannot be bothered by details.


Promote Road Safety

Visibility on the road is very important for your and others’ safety. When you put on that light and motorists can’t see your vehicle properly at dusk because it’s covered in mud or insects, then you are creating a hazardous situation on the road.


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