Sep 13 2017

General Pumps Oil Seal Kit K03 – also called Kit 3 Shaft Guide‎

K03 – Kit 3 from General pump is the shaft guide oil seal kit, that is used on most general pumps for repairing shaft seals of your pressure washers general pump.  It is one of the more common repair parts / kits and is very do it yourself friendly.

This oil seal K03 – Kit 3 contains two pieces in it for this repair that measure 30 x 55 x 7 mm.  Only one is needed for the shaft.

K03 - Kit 3

K03 – Kit 3

The K03 – Kit 3 Oil Seal Shaft kit works for the following pumps:

Fits General Pump Models:

CW2004 CW2040 CW24
CW3040 T1011 T1311
T1321 T1511 T1621
T1631 T5050 T9121
T9131 T9161 T921
T9211 T9281 T9321
T9791 TS1011 TS1021
TS1311 TS1321 TS1331
TS1351 TS1511 TS1521
TS1621 TS1711 TS2011
TS2012SS TS2016SS TS2021
TS821 TS921 TSF2021
TSF2221 TSF2421

Fits Interpump Pump Models:

W101 W131 W132
W151 W162 W163
W201 W203 W912
W913 W916 W92
W921 WS101 WS102
WS131 WS132 WS133
WS135 WS151 WS152
WS162 WS171 WS202


Don’t see your pump above?  Don’t worry, we have you covered! You can either check your pumps breakdown / repair manual here to see if this kit will work on your unit.  Or you can give us a call today toll free and we will help you figure out if this is the correct repair kit for your pressure washer pump.  Call 1-877-824-7763 {Smart Phones Click to Call}

You can also check out our General Pumps Site for almost every pump breakdown and repair kit as well and daily tweets by clicking here.

See that the K03 – Kit 3 General pump kit works on your unit? Then feel free to order it easily and securly on our eCommerce site by clicking here.

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