Sep 12 2017

General Pumps Kit 2 – K02 Oil Seal Kit

The general pumps kit 2, which is called K02 on most pump repair / breakdown manuals is for the piston guide repair of most General pumps.  The kit is officially knows as an Oil Seal Piston Guide Kit.

K02 or kit 2 replaces the three oil seals in crankcase behind the pump head of yor general pump. The crankshaft seal is NOT included in this repair kit that needs to be ordered separately. This kit is also a replacement for the Graco Kit# 801473 on 3040 and 3235 pressure washers you may own.

General Pumps Kit 2 - K02 Oil Seal Kit

General Pumps Kit 2 – K02 Oil Seal Kit


Not sure if the K02 or Kit 2 from General pump is the right repair kit you need or not sure what pump you have?  Find all our pump breakdowns / repair kits by clicking here to see if this is the right fix for your pressure washer.

This K02 kit is designed to be used on (but not limited to) the following pumps:
  • T1011
  • T1321
  • T1511
  • T1621
  • T2011
  • T9131
  • T9161
  • T921
  • T9211
  • T9281
  • TS1011
  • TS1021
  • TS1321
  • TS1511
  • TS1621
  • TS1711
  • TS2011
  • TS2011
  • TS2021
  • TS821
  • T5050

As well as the CW47 Series, Emperor, T47 Series, TSF & TSP 66 Series & HTS2215S. But, please check your pumps repair manual to be sure if you don’t see it listed above.

Still not sure if this K02 or kit 2 is right for your repair needs? Give us a call and a general pump specialist will be happy to assist you with all your questions about this kit. Call 1-877-824-7763

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