Oct 06 2017

Comet pumps AXD 3522 G pressure washer pump

The AXD 3522 G replacement pressure washer pump from comet pumps can also be identified by its part number of 6501.0008.00.  This pump is used as a replacement on your pressure washers that require a flow rate of 3.5 gallons per minute with a maximum PSI of 2200.

This AXD 3522 G has an RPM of 3400 and will work on most pressure washers purchased at your local hardware or big box store like home depot or lowes.

AXD 3522 G

AXD 3522 G

Pump AXD 3522 G or 6501.0008.00 has the following features:

  • Comes standard with 3/4 FGH Inlet and 3/8 MPT Outlet
  • Built-in Uniflow Unloader and Chemical Injector industry standard
  • Ceramic Plungers for long life and durability
  • Built-in Garden Hose Adapter for easy attachment
  • Industrial Duty Construction for Extended Life
  • Stainless Steel Check Valves
  • Forged Brass Manifold
  • Patent Registered Ball Bearing Design
Pump AXD 3522 G or 6501.0008.00 has the following specifications:
  • A Maximum Volume of 3.3 gpm
  • The pumps Max. Discharge Pressure is 2200 psi
  • This pump has a Maximum Pump Speed of 3400 rpm
  • The Inlet Port Thread measures 3/4 FGH
  • This units Discharge Port Thread measures 3/8 MPT
  • A Shaft Diameter of 3/4 Hollow for connection
  • The weight of this unit is only 12.0 lbs.

Should you already own a Comet pump like this and want to try to repair it, you can find the repair / breakdown manuals by clicking here for all of Comets units.

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