Oct 10 2017

Cox Reels 117-3-250 Hand Crank Hose Reel

The cox reels, hand crank reel 117-3-250 is a state of the art hose reel for industrial and commercial applications.  It’s rugged design makes it perfect for any pressure washing situation you can think of.

The 117-3-250 reel from cox reels will hold up to 250 feet of high pressure hose, making your ability to reach any cleaning job with your pressure washer easy and safe.  The reel is compact and light making it perfect of mobile units, but is sturdy enough to be wall or floor mounted for in building use as well.

117-3-250 hose reel

117-3-250 hose reel

Here are the features of this 117-3-250 hose reel:

  • The unit has a Direct hand crank rewind of your hose.
  • A 4000 PSI maximum of pressure can be run through the hose attached to it.
  • A 225 F. maximum temperature can be pumped through hose on this reel.
  • Full flow 90 brass swivel comes standard with this reel.
  • Adjustable drag brake makes item safe and secure for any application.
  • Adjustable hand crank to work with any of your workers builds or heights.
  • The Hose ID of this unit is 3/8″
  • The unit has a Hose Length capability of 250 feet maximum.
  • Comes standard with a Swivel that measures 3/8″
  • Reel Width is compact at only 8″
  • Reel Height is also a great size at only 18″
Have any questions not answered above about this Cox Reels 117-3-250 hose reel?  Contact us here and we will be happy to assist you in determining the correct reel for your high pressure washing rig and needs.
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