Nov 02 2017

Annovi Reverberi Repair Kit AR2864

Annovi Reverberi Repair Kit AR2864 is the main valve repair kit you will need to fix your RK, RKA, RCW or RW pump that is made by AR Pumps.    This repair kit is complete with everything you will need to repair one of these pumps, at least for the valves.  It contains six o-rings and six valves, so you will only need one kit per pump.

The Annovi Reverberi Repair Kit AR2864 has parts that are made from the best rubber and plastic as well as steel to give these replacement parts long life and exceptional water tightness.

Annovi Reverberi Repair Kit AR2864

Annovi Reverberi Repair Kit AR2864

The Annovi Reverberi Repair Kit AR2864 has the following items included in it:

  • Quantity of six of the part number – 31389051 which is the Complete Valve.
  • It also has a quantity of six of the part number  – 880830 which is the O-Rings.

If you are not sure if this repair kit for AR Pumps is the correct one for your pressure washers pump, find your pumps repair / breakdown manual here and verify that this is indeed the right fix for your machines pump.

If, after checking above link for your Annovi Reverberi pumps repair part, you are still not sure if this is the correct fix, give us a call toll free and we will be happy to assist you.  Please be sure to have your Pumps model number before you call.  It will always begin with letters and usually 3 or 2 followed by numbers.  Call 1-877-824-7763 {Smart Phones Click to Call}

Ready to order this valve repair kit?  Do so by clicking here to quickly and easily order on our e-Commerce site.

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