Jan 17 2018

Duct Cleaning is vital to a good healthy home

How to Keep Cleaning Pollutants Out of Your Home

The effects of indoor air pollution are underestimated by many people. Americans spend around 90% of their day indoors and yet are far more likely to be concerned about the air outside of their homes. It is true that cars and factories release an enormous amount of pollutants. However, this is easily dispersed into the atmosphere. A commercial cleaning with a mosmatic duct cleaners and pressure washer will boost health, but there could be chemicals in those cleaners which gets trapped inside buildings.

Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

What Causes Indoor Air Pollution?

There are many everyday products which can pollute the air of enclosed spaces. Chemical cleaners, tobacco, candles, formaldehyde, dust, paint, bathroom products and cookers can all release pollutants which damage air quality. Many of these are essential and irreplaceable products, such as cleaners, but they release dangerous byproducts. If you are cleaning for the sake of good health, then check that you are not damaging health by trapping pollutants inside.  Push them outside via turbo driven mosmatic duct cleaner powered by a good pressure washer.

What are the Effects of Indoor Pollution?

Poor air quality impacts health enormously. Since this is the air you will be inhaling for 90% of your day, it can have a negative effect over time. Breathing dirty air can significantly increase the risk of asthma and respiratory diseases. In the worst case, it can promote the growth of cancerous cells. It is therefore vital that you take steps to clean your indoor air regularly with some type of pressure washer driven duct cleaner.

How to Keep Your Indoor Air Clean

The key to clean indoor air is good ventilation. This can be as simple as leaving windows open. During and after cleaning, leaving your windows open will allow pollutants to disperse into the atmosphere and let in fresh air. You should check that ventilation systems are working properly, especially in kitchen and bathroom areas. Regularly clean out the air vents with a personal pressure washer and duct cleaner attachment so that the dirty air can pass through.

You should then aim to cut down on the worst causes of pollution. Ideally, give up smoking, but if you can’t, then at least do it outside rather than in an enclosed public area. You should also avoid using candles where possible. There are natural, chemical free toiletries if you are serious about cutting down your impact on air quality.

Cleaning is an essential part of a healthy home or work environment. However, for extra health measures, take air pollution into account. Leave windows open and air vents clear to ensure chemicals do not become trapped inside an enclosed building.

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