Sep 06 2017

Annovi Reverberi Kit – AR2544 – PISTON SET Kit

This blog is for the piston repair kit AR2544 also known as AR 2544 from Annovi Reverberi.  This kit is used to repair the pistons on the XM, XMV and XMA series of pumps from AR North America.


This AR2544 or AR 2544 is one of the first items you can look at to repair your pump for your pressure washer should it stop pumping.  And fixing these will get you back up and running fast.


AR2544 / AR 2544 Piston Repair Kit.

AR2544 / AR 2544 Piston Repair Kit.


This AR2544 / AR 2544 Piston Repair Kit contains the following items:

  • 3  of part number AR480480 which is the O-Ring that measures 14 x 1.78
  • 3 of part number AR1260091 which is a Washer / Slinger made of Brass
  • 3 of part number AR1780070 the Plunger made for solid Ceramic
  • 3 of part number AR1260100  which is the Piston Washer
  • 3 of part number AR1260110 which is the Nut that measures an M8
Need help determining if the AR2544 / AR 2544 Piston Repair Kit is the correct item for your pump?  Click here to find your pumps breakdown / repair manual to see if this is the exact part number you need.
If you have found your pumps repair manual and are still not sure if the AR2544 / AR 2544 kit is correct for you, please give us a call and we will be happy to help you determine the correct pistons for your pump on your pressure washer. Call 1-877-824-7763

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