Sep 11 2017

Hypro Pumps – 8090-802-270 Diaphragm Pump

The 8090-802-270 is a diaphragm pump from Hypro Pumps that is used for replacing a non working pump that has a 30 maximum PSI rating, at 180 degrees working temperature maximum.

This 8090-802-270 unit is self priming and weights in at only 4.7 pounds.  It’s typical use is for soil extraction and has an rating of 80 PSI in bypass mode.


8090-802-270 Pump

8090-802-270 Pump

The fasteners are made of zinc plated steel, and the valves are of the strongest viton making this 8090-802-270 Pumps durable both inside and out. Intermittent cycling and the 230 voltage rating make this unit one of the more versatile diaphragm pumps on the market today.

If you are not sure if the Shurflow 8090-802-270 Pump is the right unit for your machine, you can give us a call here toll free and we will help in assisting you with getting the right diaphragm pump for your needs. Call 1-877-824-7763

Are you a DIYer? If so you can find most pump breakdowns / repair manuals for Hypro and Shurflow by clicking here and finding your unit and ordering parts to repair it, instead of replacing it with a new one. Although, we would recommend just purchasing a new one most of the time, as the hours spent on assembling and disassembling the unit to repair it could extend your down time.

Ready to order a new one, call us above or order it securely online by clicking here: 8090-802-270 Pump

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