Jun 06 2017

Don’t forget about the ETS Company App

ETS Company APP can be downloaded for Free at the Apple App store or Google Play Store. With the app you can order parts, pumps, kits or accessories for your pressure washer as well as the chemicals you need to clean your customers property. You can also view 1000’s of pdf’s for various pump manufactures to find the repair parts you need to fix your units. The app also allows you to click to call us directly if you need to speak to a pump or chemical specialist. You can also get special coupons, only offered on the app and nowhere else. So, don’t wait! Download the ETS Company App today!


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Mar 02 2017

How to Keep Exteriors of Homes Mold Free

How to Keep Exteriors of Homes Mold Free

By: Jess Walter

Mold and mildew are not only found in interiors of homes, they are also present on the exterior walls, patios, pathways and driveways. Mold from the outside may find their way inside homes through wind, open windows, doors and ventilation systems. They can also attach themselves on pets, shoes and clothes that will be brought indoors. Therefore, it is important to keep the exterior spotless, mold free and clean of mildew and algae.

Health Effects of Mold

The presence of molds in the air may or may not have an enormous health impact on people. Some are not affected by it at all while others are incredibly sensitive to it. In fact, there is enough evidence to suggest that mold exposure inside homes is connected to upper respiratory tract symptoms such as coughing and wheezing among people who are considered healthy and those who have asthma. In children, indoor mold exposure is linked to skin conditions and respiratory illnesses. Other studies suggest that exposure to molds may increase the susceptibility of children to develop asthma (Institute of Medicine, 2004).

Getting Rid of Mold

There are several ways to get rid of mold in the exterior of homes making the mold free. You can clean roof gutters of leaves, twigs and other materials that may block proper drainage of water. Scrub afterwards with a solution of bleach and water to kill spores. Natural cleaning solutions can also be used such as vinegar and tea tree oil.

If mold is present on walls, use a hot pressure washer to remove those black or green spots. Hot pressure washers such as the Zeta 100 are great cleaning tools that blast dirt from surfaces with little effort on your part, saving you time and money, making for a mold free exterior. Make sure to thoroughly clean and dry the area first before painting after pressure washing and add a mold inhibitor to paints to prevent/control their growth.

Commercial Power at Homeowners Pricing in a Hot Pressure Washer to make your home Mold Free

Commercial Power at Homeowners Pricing in a Hot Pressure Washer to make your home Mold Free

On driveways, steps, stairs and pathways, you can also use a pressure washer to get rid of molds, moss and mildew that invade surfaces and make them slippery and dangerous in addition to the health hazards.

The art of soft washing is also a great alternative to pressure washing or power washing to remove mold, mildew and other microorganisms from the outside of our homes.  Learn more about soft wash systems here.

Controlling Mold

Mold is a moisture problem and the primary reason that they thrive on surfaces. Hence, it is vital to keep outdoor areas clean and dry as much as possible. Clean up debris that may gather on gutters, grout or pavements. Repair leaks on the roof and drainage. Check for plumbing leaks to ensure that exterior faucets are not contributing to outdoor moisture. Keep heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems clean and free from obstruction to avoid transporting mold spores inside homes from outside. Also, carry out minor repairs on tiles and wood that may be affected by mold. With regular maintenance and proper cleaning, your home can be free of structural problems that may be caused by mold invasions keeping your property investment safe. The best benefit is a mold-free environment is a safe and healthy place to live for everyone.







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Feb 24 2017

5 Compelling Reasons to Keep Your Rides Clean

5 Compelling Reasons to Keep Your Rides Clean  

By: Jess Walter

The AstraSteam

The AstraSteam


There are many reasons why you should keep your car clean, from improving its aesthetic value to the prevention of rust and corrosion. Yet statistics indicate that a surprising 52% of car owners in the US wash their cars less than once a month and a shocking 15% of Americans never wash their rides at all according to the International Carwash Association (ICA).

Over in the UK, the scenario is not much different with 75% of women and 33% of men revealing that they have never hand-washed their cars preferring to use machines and car washers according to the OSV research. Those who washed their car by hand did not do it regularly either, or a miniscule 12%. Here are important reasons why you should keep your rides sparkling.


Dirty Cars Cost the Economy

The ICA study states that because cars are not being kept as clean as they should be, more money or $24 billion a year is spent on fighting car damages caused by corrosion. Moreover, fuel efficiency is compromised due to dirty cars. Keeping cars clean improves aerodynamics which in turn, increases fuel efficiency by 7% according to Engineer Tom Wagner Jr.


Your Health is at Risk

A lot of car owners live in their cars eating, drinking and even occasionally sleeping inside. Imagine garbage that is circulating inside. In fact, the ICA estimates that roughly 37 million cars stink because of trash that is thrown inside.


Protect your Investment

For many, a car is a large investment, secondary only to putting money down on a home. If you don’t keep your car clean and free from dirt and grime, you are likely to lose it to rust and corrosion requiring you to repaint or fixed damaged parts. It’s not a big deal to clean a car with the variety of available equipment on the market these days. For example, the Astrasteam Machine can get your car shining in no time.



Improves Image and Says Something About You

Your car says something about your personality. A car which is clean is attractive compared to a ride which is dirty. Keeping a car clean is a no brainer. If you can’t put a little effort into cleaning up and tidying your car, others will see it that way – that you lack neatness or cleanliness and cannot be bothered by details.


Promote Road Safety

Visibility on the road is very important for your and others’ safety. When you put on that light and motorists can’t see your vehicle properly at dusk because it’s covered in mud or insects, then you are creating a hazardous situation on the road.


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Feb 16 2017

Totally FREE SHIPPING on Taginator and Tagaway Graffiti Removers

That’s correct your read that title right! The world’s best graffiti removal products Taginator and Tagaway now can be purchased with FREE SHIPPING!

Our customers asked and we responded to give you all for a LIMITED TIME free shipping on elite graffiti removers trusted world wide to quickly and more importantly safely remove spray paint, marker and other blights from stone, masonry and even smooth and painted surfaces.

The world's best graffiti removers Now with FREE SHIPPING

The world’s best graffiti removers Now with FREE SHIPPING


Do the math, look at the price per square foot of cleaning power of either Taginator or Tagaway graffiti remover, then look at the coverage cleaning area of our competitors and you will see we not only have them beat on this area, but now include free shipping (which includes any HAZMAT fees) making our products by far the best spray paint and marker removers on the planet.

Do not wait, order your graffiti remover TODAY, by clicking here!

The free shipping only applies to graffiti removal products and their applicators.  If you add any other products into your cart at the time of check out you will loose the free shipping option.  If you need to purchase other non graffiti remover products please create two separate orders.  Also, no other coupon may be used in conjunction with the free shipping of our chemicals.  If you add any other coupon, your order may be canceled.

Take your community back and get rid of that graffiti the right way the first time, with less chemical. All this and Free Shipping!


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Dec 23 2016

Under Carriage Cleaners and Water Brooms for Cars and Trucks

Under Carriage Cleaners and Water Brooms for Cars and Trucks


Shopetsonline.com has brought together the best of the best when it comes to under carriage cleaners and water brooms to remove dirt, salt and grime from the underside of your vehicles.

Click here for a complete listing of our best selling units to do this type of cleaning.

Under Carriage Cleaners and Water Brooms for Cars and Trucks

Under Carriage Cleaners and Water Brooms for Cars and Trucks


Whether you are a home owner, pressure washer contractor or the owner / operator of a fleet of cars or trucks, we all need to keep the under sides of our vehicles clean.  Under carriage cleaners and water brooms are the perfect tools for this job.  Simply connect one of these units to your pressure washer and remove that nasty salt brine solution that townships are putting down right now to make their jobs easier for snow clean up.  That solution will rust the underside of your car or truck faster than just salt and grime alone.

So remember shopetsonline.com when it comes to the accessories like Under Carriage Cleaners and Water Brooms and other pressure washing parts, kits and accessories.  We are your one stop shop for everything having to deal with pressure washing and industrial cleaning.

Don’t see a product you need or want, or need parts you don’t see?  Give us a call toll free at 1-877-824-7763 and one of our knowledgeable staff will assist you with all your concerns and questions.


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Dec 16 2016

Fittings for your pressure washers

We have every fitting you may need for your pressure washer.  Whether you need a brass, steel, stainless steel, plastic or even garden hose style of fitting, shopetsonline is the place to go.  We have done all the research to bring you the best possible choices for almost any pressure washing need.

Fittings for your pressure washer

Fittings for your pressure washer


So, again if you need plugs, right angle, barbs, hose clamps or even cross style fittings for your machines we have you covered at competitive prices.  Don’t see the right item for your need?  Give us a call and we will help you get the right product or add it for you to order from us.  1-877-824-7763

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Dec 07 2016

Swivels for your pressure washer.

Swivels for your pressure washers and surface cleaners.

Swivels for your pressure washer

Swivels for your pressure washer


ShopETSonline.com has brought together a host of swivels for any pressure washer or surface cleaner needs you may have.  Whether you need a right angle, high speed, inline or ever a hose reel swivel, we have you covered with some of the best products for the best manufacturers. Click here for our updated selection of swivels to fit any need you have.

We also carry most repair kits and o-ring kits to fix your existing product on the page linked above.

It doesn’t matter if you have a need for a mosmatic, PA, Adams, KIM or FCI swivel, we have the product you will need. If you don’t see the item you need for your machine, give us a call toll free at 1-877-824-7763 and one of our swivel specialist will be glad to assist you with finding the right part or adding a new one to fit your repair request.

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Dec 02 2016

Pressure Washer Pump Protectors

ShopETSonline.com has a variety of Pressure Washer Pump Protectors to put your mind at ease when it comes to protecting your pumps.  Whether you need pressure or thermal relief valves to accumulators and pulse hose or even easy start or throttle control options, we have everything you need for you.

Pressure Washer Pump Protectors

Pressure Washer Pump Protectors


Check here for a host of Pressure Washer Pump Protectors for any need you may have.


Don’t see the right item for your need.  Give us a call and we will be glad to assist you with the right Pressure Washer Pump Protectors for your machine. 1-877-824-7763

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Dec 01 2016

Rotary Flat Surface / Concrete Cleaners For your Pressure Washer

Rotary Flat Surface / Concrete Cleaners For your Pressure Washer.

With a redesign and relaunch of our mobile friendly e-commerce store you can now see a complete selection of Rotary Flat Surface / Concrete Cleaners For your Pressure Washer.  We have chosen the best of the best for you to make your choice in picking the right accessory for your pressure washing business.  Click here to see the full line of these cleaners for you to choose from.


Rotary Flat Surface / Concrete Cleaners

Rotary Flat Surface / Concrete Cleaners


From roof cleaning surface cleaners to the popular WHIRL-A-WAY, SideWinders and Brand Specific like Mosmatic, LANDA and Mi-T-M we have the right Rotary Flat Surface / Concrete Cleaners for any possible cleaning solution you may run up against with your pressure washing company.

If you are not sure which model is best for you, or don’t see a model you are used to, give us a call toll free and one of our cleaning specialists will be glad to help you find the unit you need. 1-877-824-7763


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Nov 30 2016

Filters and Strainers for your Pressure Washer.

Check out the new and improved section on our mobile friendly e-commerce site for filters and strainers for your pressure washer.

Pressure Washer Filters and Strainers

Pressure Washer Filters and Strainers


We redesigned and reorganized ShopETSonline.com to better server our mobile and tablet customers.  In doing so we have a new section for our pressure washer end users looking for parts for their machines, that we have entitled Filters and Strainers.  Click here to check this new section out!

In this area of our site, you will find not only chemical, fuel and water filters, but you will also find high pressure nozzle filters, scale eliminator and suction line strainers.  We have made the best possible selections for any need you may have when it comes to pressure washer filters and strainers.

Don’t see the item you need or have a suggestion for us to carry for this product line, give us a call toll free at 1-877-824-7763

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