Oct 17 2017

Annovi Reverberi Pump – GRKV4G35HV-F35

The GRKV4G35HV-F35 pump from Annovi Reverberi is a gas driven 4 gallon per minute at 3500 maximum PSI replacement pump for pressure washers and machines that have these maximum specifications.  The pump spins at 3400 rpm and comes with a 1 inch tapered gas engine flange standard.

This GRKV4G35HV-F35 pump has a head forged from brass and and solid ceramic plungers as well as over sized roller bearing for long life even in the most hostile working environments you can think of.



Here are the technical specifications of the GRKV4G35HV-F35 pump:

  • Oil Capacity of this unit is 15.3 oz
  • Maximum Fluid Temperature of the pump is 140° F
  • Inlet Thread measures 1/2” F
  • Discharge Thread has a measurement of  3/8” F

Some other specifications of this unit are:

  • MANIFOLD of the unit is made from High strength forged brass or nickel plated for long term use.
  • BOLTS measurement of  Eight 10mm grade 8.8.
  • PLUNGERS are made of a  special thick solid ceramic for long life, strong durability and more resilience.
  • CRANKCASE is made from Precision die-cast, large cooling fins and anodized for maximum heat dissipation. Bayonet style sight glass located in the rear and side cover, fill and side and bottom drain plugs.
  • BEARINGS  are Oversized premium tapered roller bearing for maximum life and load distribution.
  • BEARINGS SUPPORTS of this pump are Precision die-cast and machined to assure concentricity and alignment.
  • VALVES, SEATS, AND SPRINGS of the unit are Stainless steel with specially designed Ultra Form cages to provide long life and positive seating.
  • SEALS AND V-PACKINGS  are  Continuously lubricating for extended life. Triple lip oil seal for assured crankcase seal.
  • PLUNGER RODS on the unit are High strength stainless steel, for heavy duty use.
  • CONNECTING RODS are formed from Two-piece special alloy aluminum based material, oversized for maximum strength, load disbursement, and long life. Heavy pin area construction, for added load strength.
Need to repair this GRKV4G35HV-F35 pump?  Click here to find the pumps breakdown / repair manual.  Can’t find it, or having other site issues?  Give us a call toll free and we will help you out with any questions you may have about gas powered pressure washer pumps. Call 1-877-824-7763 {Smart Phones Click to Call}

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Oct 16 2017

LANDA High Limit Switch 8.712-297.0

The LANDA High Limit Switch 8.712-297.0 is rated for 230 Degrees and has a 42″ wired lead.  This pig tailed switch is and OEM from LANDA that will work on most machines it makes, and is easy to install.

This LANDA High Limit Switch 8.712-297.0 runs as the safety device that will shut off your machines burner and in turn prevent water in the unit from over heating and turning into steam.  The device will not let the LANDA machine turn back on until the water had cooled to about 50 to 70 degress.

LANDA High Limit Switch 8.712-297.0

LANDA High Limit Switch 8.712-297.0

Features of this for this LANDA High Limit Switch 8.712-297.0:

Not sure if this LANDA High Limit Switch 8.712-297.0 is the correct fix for your LANDA Pressure Washer?  Find your machines breakdown / repair manual here to verify if this is the correct fix for your unit.  Don’t see your breakdown here?  Give us a call toll free and a specialist will be happy to assist you to get you up and running fast.
Call 1-877-824-7763 {Smart Phones Click to Call}

Ready to order this repair part for your LANDA Machine?  Click here to order safely and securely on our eCommerce site here.

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Oct 13 2017

Unblocking Drains Through Pressure Washing is Environmentally-Friendly

A clogged drain is simply inconvenient whether you are cooking, showering or using the toilet. Unfortunately, each day, there are 728,000 tons of garbage that we dump into the environment contributing to the blockage. At the alarming rate we are going, obstructions pile up in parallel costing time and money as well as health, sanitation and environment concerns. Pressure washing as a solution to unblocking drains is one of the friendly ways that you can adopt to ease the pressures on the environment, avoid contamination and reduce blockage costs.

A hot high pressure washer for instance, is one of  ETS’s best, which will allow you to achieve your goal in an eco-friendly way without harming your drains or the groundwater.

Photo by Anastasia Palagutina on Unsplash

Photo by Anastasia Palagutina on Unsplash


How it Works

There is no doubt about it, pressure washing is clean and safe. By using high water pressure, you remove dirt, wash away grime and unblock drains. Imagine the millions of germs that abound in drains if they are not drained properly into public sewers for safe treatment. Your immediate surroundings are immediately affected posing a health risk for everyone. When things get blocked, dirty water remains stagnant contributing to the pollution.

Dumping Unsuitable Stuff Costs Money and Time

Sadly, not everyone is conscious of what can and cannot go down the drain. If you look at what’s causing the blockage in your sink, bathroom or sewers, you will be probably shocked at the types and amounts of stuff dumped down the drains. The cost of unblocking a tub, sink or bathroom is enormous. Plumbing companies can charge anywhere from $50 to $450 for clearing a sink or toilet. If your sewer lines are broken, this will set you back anywhere from $1,000 to $25,000 according to Cost Helper.

Techniques to Unblock Sewers and Drains

There are several ways to unblock drains from pouring products that dissolve contaminants to blasting drains. However, not all techniques are safe such as sulfuric acid cleaners that can cause burns. What is smarter, is to look for a safe and environmentally-friendly way of unblocking drains and sewers. The use of a pressure washer is effective and efficient in removing obstructions such as blocks of fat, dirt or insoluble liquids that have compacted into solids.

Pressure machines are multipurpose in nature, so you can use them for many other things apart from unblocking drains. Use these high-pressure sprayers to remove graffiti on buildings or your kids’ finger paintings on the garden wall. Keeping drains and sewers clean with high-pressure machines also ensure that future obstructions are prevented. Other ways of cleaning your drains include using drain snakes, and harmless homemade cleaners, such as a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

From grease to dirt, using water at high pressure does not only ensure that you have solved the problem effectively and safely, but also that you have applied an environmentally-friendly practice. Not adding to the carbon footprint is already a milestone in ensuring that there is still a future for the next generations on this planet.

Author: Jess Walter

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Oct 12 2017

EPPS MNEQ-3030EPEAG Hot High Pressure Washer

This propane fired MNEQ-3030EPEAG from EPPS is one of the best hot high pressure washers you can buy for your money.  Its 3000 maximum PSI is at the industry tops for performance and had a flow rate of 3 gallons per minute.

The MNEQ-3030EPEAG from EPPS is a machine we often recommend locally when contractors are looking for a new pressure washer.  Why?  Because, when you need a fully functional unit at a descent price, this little hot water, 230 volt propane fired pressure washer is just that! Perfect for everyday use and abuse and easy to fix and repair.

MNEQ-3030EPEAG EPPS Hot High Pressure Washer

MNEQ-3030EPEAG EPPS Hot High Pressure Washer

The MNEQ-3030EPEAG EPPS Hot High Pressure Washer has the following Specifications:

  • Specifications Pressure End: 3 GPM, 3000 PSI
  • 230 Volts, 1 Phase 6 HP electrical motor
  • Schedule 40 coil natural draft style
  • 197,000 BTU burner
  • Supplied with LP regulator
  • Stainless Steel Coil skin powder coated burner cap
  • Auto shut down timer
  • Direct driven Tri-plex FWC 3030 Comet oil bath pump
  • 4-Foam filled tires
  • 50’ high pressure hose, trigger gun controlled, spray tip 3 foot fully insulated wand, low pressure chemical injector
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Piezo igniter with standing Pilot Ignition
  • Dimensions 43” L, 27” W, 41” H

This unit is perfect whether you’re just starting out in the pressure cleaning industry or if you’re a pro.  Great unit great price.  Not sure if this machine is what you need?  Give us a call toll free and we will help you figure everything out, no worries. Call 1-877-824-7763 {Smart Phones Click to Call}  or click here to see other hot high pressure washer systems we offer.

Purchase the MNEQ-3030EPEAG EPPS Hot High Pressure Washer Today and get working Tomorrow. Click here to order directly on our eCommerce site.


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Oct 11 2017


SUTTNER ST-36 SLUDGE PUMP 6.0 KIT, is the perfect item for moving large amounts of slurry or water in a very short period of time.  All you have to do is attach a hose from a portable pressure washer or even a car wash bay, and the water that starts flowing through this high pressure nozzle will create a powerful suction that allows for the vacuuming of large amounts of slurry or other liquids.



The SUTTNER ST-36 SLUDGE PUMP 6.0 KIT has a large enough pass through casting that will allow items as large as 3/4″ in diameter to easily pass through to the discharge hose.  This unit has a liquid ration movement of about 1 to 11, meaning that if you are using a pump that has a 4 gpm rate, you will create an output of about 44 gpm.  This item will help with chemical spills in a factory, leaving your pump protected.  It can be helpful in flood clean up, emptying large pools, removing the slurry left over in a car wash bay pit and any other run off or clean up you can think of that needs large volumes of liquid moved.

We have other size kits available ( from 4.0 to 6.0) other than the SUTTNER ST-36 SLUDGE PUMP 6.0 KIT, check our website for other dimensions by clicking here.  Or you can give us a call anytime and talk to a sludge pump specialist by going to our contact us page here.  Or just give us a call directly at Call 1-877-824-7763 {Smart Phones Click to Call}

Ready to order the SUTTNER ST-36 SLUDGE PUMP 6.0 KIT, simply click here to order it securely on our eCommerce site.

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Oct 10 2017

Cox Reels 117-3-250 Hand Crank Hose Reel

The cox reels, hand crank reel 117-3-250 is a state of the art hose reel for industrial and commercial applications.  It’s rugged design makes it perfect for any pressure washing situation you can think of.

The 117-3-250 reel from cox reels will hold up to 250 feet of high pressure hose, making your ability to reach any cleaning job with your pressure washer easy and safe.  The reel is compact and light making it perfect of mobile units, but is sturdy enough to be wall or floor mounted for in building use as well.

117-3-250 hose reel

117-3-250 hose reel

Here are the features of this 117-3-250 hose reel:

  • The unit has a Direct hand crank rewind of your hose.
  • A 4000 PSI maximum of pressure can be run through the hose attached to it.
  • A 225 F. maximum temperature can be pumped through hose on this reel.
  • Full flow 90 brass swivel comes standard with this reel.
  • Adjustable drag brake makes item safe and secure for any application.
  • Adjustable hand crank to work with any of your workers builds or heights.
  • The Hose ID of this unit is 3/8″
  • The unit has a Hose Length capability of 250 feet maximum.
  • Comes standard with a Swivel that measures 3/8″
  • Reel Width is compact at only 8″
  • Reel Height is also a great size at only 18″
Have any questions not answered above about this Cox Reels 117-3-250 hose reel?  Contact us here and we will be happy to assist you in determining the correct reel for your high pressure washing rig and needs.
Ready to purchase the 117-3-250 hose reel from cox reels, click here to order directly from shopetsonline.com.

Don’t forget to get hose to run with this new reel of yours, you can find all out hose for high and low pressure by clicking here.

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Oct 09 2017

Mi-T-M Hot Pressure Washer HSE3504-0M10

The Mi-T-M hot pressure washer HSE3504-0M10 is a 3.3 gallon per minute unit with a maximum PSI of 3500.  The machine runs at 10 HP and requires 230 Volts to operate.

This HSE3504-0M10 has a totally enclosed and fan cooled electric motor with a manual thermal overload protector, as well as a thermal relief valve and  stainless steel and brass unloader valves for safety and durability. This pressure washer comes standard with a belt driven pump that has ceramic plungers and a pump head forged from brass, adding to the long life expectancy of this unit.

HSE3504-0M10 Hot High Pressure Washer

HSE3504-0M10 Hot High Pressure Washer


The HSE3504-0M10 Hot High Pressure Washer  has the following technical specifications:


  • A 35 foot power cord
  • High pressure detergent injection comes standard
  • Complete system diagnostic board
  • Electric cord hanger for ease of use and safety
  • Solid state electronic ignition
  • Float tank
  • Pressure and high limit safety controls
  • No. 1 and No. 2 diesel or kerosene fired burner
  • Polyethylene burner fuel tank
  • Temp rise 150 degrees F/66 degrees C above ambient, maximum 200 degrees F
  • Powder coated steel hose reel mounting bracket
  • Powder coated steel gun/wand holder
  • Solid steel threaded axles
  • Pneumatic tires with tubes (4)
  • Locking tire brake
  • 3/8 inch x 50 foot steel wire braided pressure hose with screw connects, swivel, and bend restrictors
  • Professional grade insulated trigger gun with safety lockoff
  • Adjustable pressure insulated dual lance with 15 degree fixed and detergent nozzles
  • One (1) year limited parts and labor warranty.
  • Three (3) year limited warranty on coil.
  • Five (5) year limited warranty on pump.
The HSE3504-0M10 Hot High Pressure Washer is made for the contractor who needs a durable and time tested machine to keep his customers happy.  Not sure if this is the right new machine for your buisness?  Give us a call toll free and we will be happy to help you figure out which pressure washer is the best bang for your buck.  Call 1-877-824-7763 {Smart Phones Click to Call}
Already own an HSE3504-0M10 unit, and need to try to repair it yourself?  Click here to find the parts / breakdown manual for the DIY-er.

Ready to order this pressure washer?  Click here to order securely on our eCommerce site.  This pressure washer qualifies for FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the continental United States.


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Oct 06 2017

Comet pumps AXD 3522 G pressure washer pump

The AXD 3522 G replacement pressure washer pump from comet pumps can also be identified by its part number of 6501.0008.00.  This pump is used as a replacement on your pressure washers that require a flow rate of 3.5 gallons per minute with a maximum PSI of 2200.

This AXD 3522 G has an RPM of 3400 and will work on most pressure washers purchased at your local hardware or big box store like home depot or lowes.

AXD 3522 G

AXD 3522 G

Pump AXD 3522 G or 6501.0008.00 has the following features:

  • Comes standard with 3/4 FGH Inlet and 3/8 MPT Outlet
  • Built-in Uniflow Unloader and Chemical Injector industry standard
  • Ceramic Plungers for long life and durability
  • Built-in Garden Hose Adapter for easy attachment
  • Industrial Duty Construction for Extended Life
  • Stainless Steel Check Valves
  • Forged Brass Manifold
  • Patent Registered Ball Bearing Design
Pump AXD 3522 G or 6501.0008.00 has the following specifications:
  • A Maximum Volume of 3.3 gpm
  • The pumps Max. Discharge Pressure is 2200 psi
  • This pump has a Maximum Pump Speed of 3400 rpm
  • The Inlet Port Thread measures 3/4 FGH
  • This units Discharge Port Thread measures 3/8 MPT
  • A Shaft Diameter of 3/4 Hollow for connection
  • The weight of this unit is only 12.0 lbs.

Should you already own a Comet pump like this and want to try to repair it, you can find the repair / breakdown manuals by clicking here for all of Comets units.

Need help with any Comet or other pressure washer issues?  Give us a call toll free, we have been in the business longer than the big box stores like home depot or lowes have been and know more about pressure washers than any of their staff.  We have been serving the pressure washer industry since the 1970’s.  Call 1-877-824-7763 {Smart Phones Click to Call}

Ready to order the AXD 3522 G or 6501.0008.00 replacement pump for your machine?  You can do so easily and securely by clicking here.

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Oct 05 2017

Get into Soft-washing with a COMET P36/10GR DIAPHRAGM PUMP

Get you and your pressure washer working in the soft-washing industry.  Clean houses, businesses, schools and even luxury items like boats and yachts.  Get the comet p36/10GR diaphragm pump to get you into this growing business.

The soft-washing industry is growing by leaps and bounds to remove mold, algae and other microorganism from roofs and siding on homes and businesses.  Be the first pressure washer contractor in your area to get into this great service.

Get into Soft-washing with a COMET P36/10GR DIAPHRAGM PUMP

Get into Soft-washing with a COMET P36/10GR DIAPHRAGM PUMP

This comet P36/10GR diaphragm pump is perfect for soft-washing and has the following specifications:

  • Chemical resistant wet parts
  • Compatible with aggressive soft wash chemicals
  • Hexagonal manifolds for smooth and quiet operation
  • Fits standard engines with 3/4″ keyed shaft
  • Injection molded plastic parts with UV stabilization
  • Secure bracket system to prevent manifold leaks
  • Includes gear box and pressure regulator
  • 3 diaphragms
  • 550 RPM
  • 9.3 GPM maximum
  • 145 PSI maximum
  • 0.9 HP
  • 25.6 lbs.

The Duraphragm technology of this unit extends the life of the diaphragms by shielding them from direct contact with the chemical inlet. This spreads inlet vacuum often caused by a dirty suction filter or kinked hose, across the entire surface of the diaphragm instead of focusing it on one small area where most failures occur.

Not sure what else you need to get into soft-washing as a service, but you own a pressure washer?  Give us a call and we will help you out with everything you need to know about this growing part of the pressure washer industry.  Call 1-877-824-7763 {Smart Phones Click to Call}
Already in the soft-washing industry and need a replacement pump for your machine, click here to order this comet P36/10GR Diaphragm unit for your machine.

Get more info on this type of service by clicking here.

Need to repair your Comet Pump?  Click here to get repair / breakdown manuals of the most common pumps on the market today.

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Oct 04 2017

General Pumps TC1802E175 replacement pump

General Pumps TC1802E175 is a replacement pump for your pressure washer that requires a flow rate of 0.50 gallons per minute and a maximum pressure rating of 1500 PSI.

The TC1802E175 pump is a bit more expensive than other pumps with the same flow rate and PSI, but it is made by general pumps and will last a lot longer with less repairs and downtime for your business.

General Pumps TC1802E175 replacement pump

General Pumps TC1802E175 replacement pump

This General Pumps TC1802E175 replacement pump has the following features:

  • The pump has a Forged brass manifold
  • Die cast, anodized aluminum, oil bath crankcase makes for longer life than most pumps.
  • Solid ceramic plungers with continuously lubricated packings add to pumps life
  • The pump has original Interpump unitized, stainless steel, K01 kit inlet and outlet valves
  • This unit is ideal for all general cleanin, RO, and misting applications
  • The pump comes standard with NEMA 56C electric motor mounting flange

The technical specifications are as follows for this pump:

  • Maximum Volume is 0.5 GPM
  • Maximum Discharge Pressure of the pump is 1500 PSI
  • Maximum Pump Speed rotates at 1750 RPM
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure on the unit is 125 PSI
  • Maximum Inlet Vacuum of the pump is 3 ft. water (2.6″Hg)
  • The Bore diameter measures 18mm (.709″)
  • Stroke on this item has a measurement of 2mm (.079″)
  • Crankcase Capacity on this item is 11.2 oz.
  • Maximum Fluid Temperature that can be run through the pump is 165 F
  • Inlet Port Thread measures 3/8″ FPT
  • Discharge Port Thread has a measurement of  1/4″ FPT
  • Shaft Diameter for mounting the pump is 5/8″ (16mm)
Already own a General Pumps TC1802E175 replacement pump, and want to fix it yourself before buying a new one?  Click here to find this units repair / breakdown manual and order parts and kits for a quick DIY fix.
Not sure if the General Pumps TC1802E175 replacement pump is the right pump for you? give us a call toll free and we will be happy to assist you in figuring out the correct unit for your pressure washer. Call 1-877-824-7763 {Smart Phones Click to Call}

Or if you are ready to order the pump and get back up and running do so by clicking here to order fast and secure.

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